9 Free Gorgeous PSD Web Designs

Whether it is to learn something new or just poke around and have some fun, a lot of designers like to jump into a great PSD and dissect it to see how certain things were accomplished. Whether you are a beginner or not, it can be useful and stimulating to your design senses. In this post, I have gathered a few cool free PSDs I’ve come across that I want to share with you.

Burogu Blog Design

A stylish and minimalistic blog design. I like the navigation and the notebook-paper styled post areas.

Photography Mini Site Design

photog 300x285
An elegant photography portfolio solution. Built to feature a slideshow of your work.

Redux Business Web Design

redux biz 300x142
Great use of texture. Very nice call-to-action buttons and beautiful icons. Just an incredibly professional business theme.

The Mariner’s Tumblog

mariner 300x285
An interesting design with some cool brush work. Love the ribbon-icons for each type of media in the post area. Beautiful touch.

Yellow! Minimalist Blog Design

yellow 300x144
It’s exactly what it says it is: a minimalistic yellow blog design. Very cool. It would also be easy to substitute the yellow for something else if that is your thing.

Paper vCard

vcard2 300x136
An interesting design for a cool little contact card. It includes 3 beautiful color variations and is easy to customize in Photoshop.

BlueMaster Portfolio Template

Nice little offering from Smashing Magazine. A cool theme for a portfolio or even a business.

Repro Magazine Web Layout

repro mag
Awesome design for just about any site. Comes in a variety of colors. Good for magazine-style sites. This is also available for download as a WordPress theme if you follow this link.

Vintage Design Portfolio

vintage 300x285
I’m a sucker for a good brown design, so this one caught my eye. Professional one page design to be used with a jQuery scroller.

Got others?

Well, stop being all secretive. Share that stuff. Leave us a comment with your favorite PSD layouts. We appreciate it.